Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014

Berlin #2: Brunching


This is how you brunch, people. Nothing can beat a nice plate of mixed goodies and a cup of Ronnefeldt Tea in the morning. We found this little gem here in the middle of Berlin, somewhere close to Warschauer Straße. The lady there was extremely busy and the saleswoman from the travel agency which was directly connected to the cafe, helped her out so she could manage. I really appreciated that she still took the time to nicely arrange our plate. 
It was basically a very German lunch plate, with a bit of meatloaf, fresh vegetables, cured ham and some cheese and jams. The bread she served was excellent and from a local bakery around the corner. Sometimes it doesnt take a lot of fancy food to make a luxurious brunch, it's all about the combination. 

Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

Pacari Chocolate


Although I couldn't find a spare minute to blog these days, this is something I really need to share with you.
A special someone brought me a selection of very high quality chocolate bars by a brand named Pacari.
It's up on the same street like the big names, Domori, Valrhona, Amedei - it doesn't get more premium than that. A 100 g is about 8€ in Germany and let me tell you one thing, it's worth the money.

I have researched quite a lot of brands for my bachelor thesis about driving forces in the organic chocolate market. Pacari was definetely one of the first that came to my mind since they make the chocolate from tree-to-bar, which is very rare in the chocolate industry. In 2013 they won the International Chocolate Awards in London for their semi-sweet Lemongrass chocolate. On top of that, their chocolate is organically certified by two major third-party organisations and some of their varities are very little processed and cary the label "raw". Raw chocolate is made from beans which were very little or not heat treated at all. It is kept as close to the natural cacao as possible and while making the couverture the temperature doesnt't excel 40 °C at any time. Like this, a lot of flavour, antioxidants and other good stuff can be preserved which is why raw chocolate is also considered to be more healthy.

If you'd take the 60% Esmeraldas you can taste a prime example how the grade of fineness of chocolate is supposed to be. The conche is very fine, but not muddy like in many cheap milk chocolate and the melting starts a bit delayed after you put in on your tongue. Please don't get me wrong, I'm by no means a chocolate expert, I'm trying to explain what I experience when tasting this chocolate.
Compared to my all time favourite, the Tiroler Edle Purissima 48%, the balance and sourness are almost perfect. And it doesn't leave a strange aftertaste like most of dark chocolate does. This Pacari chocolate is properly made. 

The 70% Raw and the 60% Esmeraldas must be my two favourite from the brand. If you have the possibility to try them, please let me know if you liked them or not ;)

How dark can you go with chocolate? I can appreciate up until 80% but anything above that, is too much for my taste buds.